5 Stages in Construction to Complete any Projects

stages in construction

In this article, we explain different stages of construction, what are the purposes of all stages in construction, which activity includes this stages and so more Stages in Construction The main stages of any construction project are as follows.  Report Stage or Briefing Stage Designing Stage Tendering Stage Construction Stage Commissioning StageĀ  1. Briefing Stage: … Read more

Cracks in Concrete | Types | 7 Major Causes | Remedies | PPT

types of cracks in concrete

In this article, we explain different types of cracks in concrete, principal causes of cracks and remedies measures. Difference between structural cracks and non-structural cracks and so more. Cracks in Concrete: Cracks appear in the structural member when the reaction force exceeds its capacity. These reactions force are caused by external loads like Dead Load, … Read more

14 Different Special Types of Concrete || Prons and Cons

special types of concrete

In this article, We explain different special types of concrete. like fiber-reinforced concrete, high-density concrete, lightweight concrete, precast concrete, prestressed concrete, plum concreet, polymer concrete, No fine concrete, etc. Different Special types of concrete : Light Weight Concrete Plum Concrete Fiber Reinforced Concrete Polymer Concrete High Density Concrete Prestressed Concrete Precast Concrete Controlled Concrete Self … Read more

Calculate Cement, Sand, and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

how to Calculate Cement, Sand, and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

In this article, we explain calculation of cement, sand, and aggregate quantity in concrete. how many nos of cement bags is required for different volume of concrete. sand quantity in m3. aggregate quantity in m3. you easily find quantity of concrete using our calculator. I hope you enjoying this calculator. Please share this calculator to … Read more

14 Different Types of Mortar | Uses | Properties | Proportion

types of mortar

In this article, we explain different types of mortar with full details. also, we explain the requirements of good mortar, uses of mortar, mortar ratio for different types of work and so more. so read the article till the end. What is Mortar: Mortar is defined as a paste of cement or lime, sand and … Read more