Criteria for SBC & Types of Soil as per IS:1893

criteria for sbc and types of soil as per IS 1893

In this article, we share the important clause and criteria of soil bearing capacity (SBC) and other geotechnical factor for seismic design of building as per IS 1893: Part-I. So please read the article till the end, and if you get any useful information from this than please share with your friends. Consideration of Geo-technical … Read more

Shrinkage Limit Test for Soil | Apparatus | Procedure | Uses

Shrinkage limit test procedure

In this Article, We explained the Shrinkage limit test for soil, shrinkage limit test apparatus name, Aim, Shrinkage limit test procedure, the definition of shrinkage limit, Shrinkage ratio, Practical utility of shrinkage limit test, and so more. Read the article till the end. Determination of Shrinkage Limit Test For Soil Aim of Shrinkage limit test: … Read more