What is Geosynthetic | Types of Geosynthetics

what is geosynthetics

In this article, we explained what is geosynthetics, types of geosynthetics, function of geosynthetics, appliation and benefits of geosynthetics on road. and so more. so please read the article till the end. Generally, Geosynthetics products are made from polymeric material. Geo means the Earth which represents the soil where the synthetics represent the polymeric material … Read more

Shrinkage Limit Test for Soil | Apparatus | Procedure | Uses

Shrinkage limit test procedure

In this Article, We explained the Shrinkage limit test for soil, shrinkage limit test apparatus name, Aim, Shrinkage limit test procedure, the definition of shrinkage limit, Shrinkage ratio, Practical utility of shrinkage limit test, and so more. Read the article till the end. Determination of Shrinkage Limit Test For Soil Aim of Shrinkage limit test: … Read more

Foundation in Black Cotton Soil || Types || Suitability

How to construct foundation in black cotton soil

Construction of foundation in black cotton soil is very risky due to its swelling and shrinkage property as well as its bearing capacity is also very less. Black cotton soil does not take a higher load. It is required soil stabilization for improving its property or well process for construction of the foundation.  In this … Read more