How Water Disinfects in Water Treatment Plant | Disinfection

methods of disinfection of water in treatment plant

In this article, we explain what is disinfection of water, how water disinfects in water treatment plants, various methods of disinfection, advantages, and disadvantages of each method. What is Disinfection? At the initial stage, various water treatment activities like water screening, sedimentation and filtration were done to purify the water. The process usually involves physical … Read more

Fluctuation in Water demand | Factors affecting Water Demand

fluctuation in water demand

In this article, we explain fluctuation of water demand, hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal fluctuation of water demand. factors affection on water demand. So please read the article till the end. Fluctuation in Water demand: Water demand is calculated in different ways.  It usually calculates for the whole year based on the average daily consumption … Read more

Different Types of Water Demand || Full Explained

different types of water demand

In this article, we explained different types of water demand like domestic water demand, commercial water demand, public water demand, fire demand, and other water losses. Also explained how to calculate water requirement of fire demand in the city. So please read the article till the end. Like us on Facebook Click Here Join our … Read more



Drainage systems play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and functional living space. From the kitchen sink to the main sewer line, these systems ensure the smooth flow of water, preventing potential issues that could disrupt daily life. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of drain and sewer maintenance, offering insights into … Read more