Pre & Post-Construction Anti-termite treatment

Anti Termite Treatment

In this article, we explained full procedure of anti termite treatment in building, pre treatment, and post treatment. chemicals used for anti termite treatment What is Anti termite treatment? The treatment done to prevent the growth of termites in the house is called anti-termite treatment.  Termites are more common in tropical and subtropical countries.  It … Read more

Methods to Repair leakage of toilet and Bathrooms

repair leakage of toilet and bathrooms

In this article, we explain the simple and most common ways to repair leakage of toilets and bathrooms. simple methods to fix bathroom floor leakage and tiles leakage. methods to fix leakage of the sunk slab. Methods to Repair Leakage of toilets area : Most toilet areas have three main parts: Washbasin Bathing area (Bathroom) … Read more

Strengthening of Slabs on Existing RC Slab || Shotcreting

strengthening of slabs

In this article we explain how to do strengthening of existing slabs. various methods of strengthening of slabs. slab jacking technique, strengthening of interior reinforcing. advantages and disadvantages of slab jacking techniques, how to do slab strengthening by using shotcrete methods and so more. please read the full article till the end. Strengthening of slabs: … Read more

Causes & Effect of Dampness in building

causes and effect of dampness

Dampness is a major problem of building. Here we explain what are the causes of dampness in building. Effect of dampness in a building. Which material used to prevent dampness in a building. we try to explain causes and effect of dampness in building very simple way, which is easy to understand. What are the … Read more

How to Repair Dampness and Efflorescences in wall

How to fix dampness and efflorescence in wall

Dampness and efflorescence reducing the durability of the structure and give a negative impression as an appearance point of view. therefor in this web we explain how to repair dampness in the wall, how to fix efflorescence in wall, methods, techniques and so more. Repair of Walls from Dampness: Damp proof coarse is provided over … Read more

How to Repair of Stone Masonry Defects | Strengthening of Stone Masonry

how to repair stone masonry

In this article we explain repair of stone masonry all defects, how to do, procedure, important points and so more. strengthening of stone masonry is very important for its durability. here we explain repair of random rubble masonry, repair of corner of stone masonry and etc. Repair of Stone Masonry: Strengthening of random rubble masonry … Read more

5 Best Method To Repair Brick Wall Defects || Repair of Brick Wall Cracks etc.

5 Best Method To Repair Brick Wall Defects || Repair of Brick Wall Cracks etc.

In this blog, we explain how to repair brick wall defects. Repair brick wall cracks by epoxy resin injection, grout, and mortar. The rebuilding of the brick wall portion. Installing of ferrocment plate at the corner. Stitching method of repairing of cracks and other techniques. How to repair brick wall defects. Here explain 5 method … Read more

How many types of chemical admixture used for concrete

Chemical admixture used in concrete

We explain different types of chemical admixtures for concrete, like Accelerators, Retarders, Plasticizers, Superplasticizers, waterproofing admixture, air-entraining admixture, etc. And also explain the function of admixtures and the advantages and disadvantages of admixture.   The function of Admixtures in concrete:- To produce non-skid wearing surfaces. To produce cellular concrete. To make the weight of concrete … Read more

Special Types of Repair Material for Building Maintenance

special type of building maintenance repair material

we discuss special types of repair material for building maintenance. Describe injection, patch, bonding, resurfacing and other types of repair materials. Special Types of Building Maintenance Repair Material Hello, friend welcomes to our civil engineering community civil engineering web. In this web, we discuss special types of repair material used in building maintenance.   We … Read more

Selection of Repair Material for Building Maintenance || Factors

selection criteria for building repair material

How to Select of Repair Materials For Building Defects Maintenance Selection of Building repair materials is an important and complex process. It is important to understand the needs of the owner, engineer, and Architect. The final choice of the Repair material is made on the basis of the relationship between cost, performance, and risk.   … Read more