Different Exposure Condition for Concrete as per IS 456

exposure condition of concrete

In this Article, We shown the definition of various exposure conditions for concrete as per IS 456, Minimum Grade of concrete and nominal concrete cover for different exposure condition as per IS456, etc. So Please Read the article till the end, and if you get any information from this than please share with your friends, … Read more

Building Maintenance Made Easy With Access Doors and Panels

types of access doors

It is crucial to access critical areas behind the ceilings, floors, walls, and roofs, whether residential or commercial spaces. Access doors and panels are necessary for reaching essential building utilities like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC parts and components, especially during periodic maintenance or adjustments. They have evolved over the years. They are now available … Read more

What is Shoring in Construction || Types || Full Explained

what is shoring in construction

In this article, we explained what is shoring in construction, types of shoring, why shoring is required, in which condition shoring is used, full details of raking shoring, flying shoring, and dead shoring. What is Shoring in Construction? Shoring in construction is the arrangement of wood or iron members used to support a wall. Simply … Read more

9 Method of Demolition and Process for Building structures

demolition techniques

In this article, we explained the definition of demolition, demolition requirement, demolition plan, surveys for demolition, various method of demolition, implosion building demolition, pile hacking, factors affecting the selection of demolition, safety measures during demolition. Demolition is defined as destroying old buildings in a controlled manner when the design life of the building completed. Definition … Read more