12 Different types of stone masonry used in construction

types of stone masonry

In this article we explain different types of stone masonry with full details. explain types of rubble masonry and ashler masonry. also we explain important points for stone masonry, surfacing of stone masonry, joints of stone masonry, appliance use for lifting a stone. therefore please read the article till the end. What is Stone masonry? … Read more

7 Major Causes of Foundation Failure in buildings || Types of foundation failures

causes of foundation failure

In this article we explain important causes of foundation failure which are mostofly present in all types of foundation failure. We explain all causes related to foundation failure which are easy to understand. As well as we also explain remedies of foundation failure. First of fall we explain How many types of foundation failures occur … Read more

How to construct Foundation in Black cotton soil? Full Explained

How to construct foundation in black cotton soil

Construction of foundation in black cotton soil is very risky due to its swelling and shrinkage property as well as its bearing capacity is also very less. Black cotton soil does not take a higher load. It is required soil stabilization for improving its property or well process for construction of the foundation. ┬áIn this … Read more

6 Major Types of Cofferdam | Construction methods | Uses

major types of cofferdam

In this article we explain what is cofferdam. Different types of cofferdam like cellular cofferdam, braced cofferdam, earthen cofferdam, rockfill cofferdam, crib cofferdam, single wall cofferdam, double wall cofferdam etc. uses, meaning, methods of cofferdam construction, advantages and disadvantages. What is Cofferdam foundation? Cofferdam foundation is defined as a temporary structure that is used to … Read more

What is a Caisson Foundation | Types | Uses | Construction Methods

caisson foundation images

In this article, we Explained what is a caisson foundation, different types of caisson foundation, various construction methods of caisson foundations, pneumatic caisson foundation, use of caisson foundation, and so more in details. What is a caisson foundation? Caisson is defined as Structures that are poured into water or soil to remove water or semi-liquid … Read more

What is Under reamed piles|| construction procedure || Advantages and Disadvantages.

under reamed piles

Under reamed piles are one type of deep foundation. Under reamed piles are generally used in black cotton soil. Here we explain what is Under reamed piles, Advantages and disadvantages, Types, Construction procedure. What is Under reamed piles: Under reamed piles are special types of piles manufactured by the Central Building Research Institute (C.B.R.I).  Such … Read more

What is pile foundation || Types of pile foundation based on function, use, material

types of pile foundation based on function

we explain what is pile foundation?, when and where pile foundation is used, types of pile foundation based on function, use or material. types of concrete pile, steel pile. advantages and disadvantages of various types of piles and function, objective of sheet piles etc. What is Pile foundation? Pile foundation is one type of deep … Read more

Shallow Foundation | Types of shallow foundation, Where Use.

different types of shallow foundation

We explain what is shallow foundation, various types of shallow foundation like an inverted arch footing, raft foundation, grillage foundation, combined footing, strap footing and so more. where it is used. for different types of construction and soil properties, it is necessary to understand which type of shallow foundation should be used. What is Shallow … Read more

What is Ferro cement? Material, Construction Method, Application, Uses.

ferrocement why used

In this post, we share what is Ferro cement? how to make Ferrocement? a constructed method, application of its in various sectors, advantages of its, who invented Ferrocement? and so more. What is Ferro Cement? Ferrocement is a thin reinforced concrete structure in which the cement mortar mix is reinforced with a small diameter wire … Read more

What is Polymer Concrete and Sulphur Infiltrated Concrete, Types, Application.

polymer concrete and sulphur infiltrated concrete

What is Polymer Concrete and Sulphur Infiltrated Concrete, Types, Application? In this web, we share the Detailed Study of Polymer concrete and Sulphur Infiltrated Concrete. It’s types like PIC, PCC, PC. Its application uses and how to make polymer concrete and sulphur infiltrated concrete. Also, describe which type of polymer used in concrete. What is Polymer … Read more