Discover the Power of Residential Estimating Services

Residential Estimating Service

If you are wondering about starting a new residential project and need to learn about the construction, there are others with this issue, too. Residential projects are unpredictable and hard to tackle because of a lot of small tasks and problems. Well, we are here to assist you in solving these issues by providing residential … Read more

Types of Rooms in Residential Building | Room Placement

Types of Room , Arrangement of room

In this article, We explain the different types of room and Arrangement of room for residential buildings, Proper Location of rooms in house/flat with considering Vastu, Direction, Ventilation, Roominess and base on other principal of planning. Also Discussed the minimum floor area and standard size of room in residential building. Arrangement of Room in Residential … Read more

4 Method of Calculating Depreciation – With Examples

Method of calculating depreciation

In this article, we explain method of calculating depreciation like sinking fund method, straight line method, constant percentage method with solved examples. The value of property decreases every year till the life of property due to depreciation. The rate of depreciation is depends on following condition. The annual decrease of value of property due to … Read more

Calculate Cement, Sand, and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

how to Calculate Cement, Sand, and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

In this article, we explain calculation of cement, sand, and aggregate quantity in concrete. how many nos of cement bags is required for different volume of concrete. sand quantity in m3. aggregate quantity in m3. you easily find quantity of concrete using our calculator. I hope you enjoying this calculator. Please share this calculator to … Read more