Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) – Longest Sea Bridge

This article includes the technical details of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Bridge such as project overview, length, cost, MTHL Map, project status and completion details, consultant and contractor details, etc.

Nowadays, Time is must costlier then the gold or other expensive things of earth. Every time a higher consumption of time of peoples in travel leads to a greatest time saving solution even if it’s a invention of train, bus, aero plane or highway, tunnels, bridges, sea link, etc.

At present 2023, Mumbai is ready to complete the construction of its second and India’s longest sea link name as Mumbai Trans Harbour Link bridge. MTHL is going to become one of the biggest achievement of civil/construction industry which is 21.8km long consist of 6 (3+3) highway lane and 1 emergency lane on both side.

One of the biggest advantage of MTHL Bridge is that it save almost 2 hours of time between Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. Also, The construction of Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL) between Mumbai & Navi Mumbai helps to increase the development and economy boost in Navi Mumbai areas such as panvel and elsewhere.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) Bridge

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) is a sea link bridge connects the old Mumbai to New Mumbai, developed by MMRDA. This project is started earlier of 2008 but due to few issues & financial problem it was delayed, the project model was also changed from PPC to EPC and finally in 24th April 2018 the construction of MTHL was started and at present the construction is almost completed.

Mumbai Trans Harbour link

Inauguration Date of MTHL Bridge

Even, The Inauguration of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link is scheduled on 12th January 2024 by the hand of Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. The construction & design of this bridge is a great achievement for Indian construction society.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link official name is Shri atal bihari vajpayee Trans Harbour Link which is 21.8km long. At present this bridge is the India’s longest road bridge & world’s 12th longest bridge.

The total length of MTHL bridge is 21.5 KM from which 16.5 KM length of bridge was constructed on sea while the remain 5.5 KM portion was constructed on land. It is a 6 lane (3+3) bridge which consist of extra lane on each side for emergency situation. The width of this bridge is 27m.

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MTHL Bridge Map

MTHL Sea Bridge

MTHL bridge connects the old Mumbai’s sewri to new Mumbai’s chirle point. As per MMRDA, the 70,000 vehicle daily moves from this bridge after the inauguration.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link was constructed using concrete and steel structures by considering 100 years of design life. This bridge was designed by AECOM, PADECO, Dar Al-Handasah & T.Y.Lin internation companies.

Mumbai Trans Harbour link bridge construction

While, the construction part of MTHL is done by L&T, IHT Corporation, Daewoo E&C and Tata Projects limited.

As per the MMRDA, the total cost behind this project is 17843 crore rupees.

Key Benefits of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

The main objective behind construction of MTHL is to reduce the travel time between old Mumbai and new Mumbai. After the construction of MTHL, the travel time between Mumbai to New Mumbai is reduced by 1 to 1.5 hours. It takes only 20 to 30 min to reach New Mumbai via MTHL.

Also, The development of new Mumbai become faster, increases rental yield, construction, etc.

The connectivity between Navi Mumbai internation airport, JNPT port, Mumbai Pune expressway and Mumbai Goa highway become more faster due to MTHL.

Key Points of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project

  • MTHL is the India’s longest bridge while world’s 12th longest road bridge. It has 21.8Km of length.
  • MTHL is a 6lane (3+3) highway which consist of one extra lane on each side for emergency situation.
  • The bridge was constructed using 7 OSD spans ( Orthotropic Steel Deck) which length is varies between 90 to 180m.
  • MTHL consist the interchange at Sewri, Shivaji Nagar, SH-54, and Chirle.
  • MTHL was designed by AECOM, PADECO, Dar Al-handasah, & T.Y Lin International.
  • MTHL was constructed by L&T, IHT Corporation, Daewoo E&C and Tata Projects Limited.
  • The total cost in MTHL project is 17843 crore rupees.
  • MTHL bridge inauguration schedule.on 12th Jan 2024 by Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi ji.

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