What is Irrigation System || Necessity || Advantages

what is irrigation system

In this article, we explain what is irrigation? what is irrigation system, why irrigation necessary, different advantages of irrigation, necessity of irrigation system in india, etc. with full details. so please read the article till the end and share it with your friends, if you have any doubt please ask in comment section. What irrigation … Read more

Basic Knowledge of Dam engineering.


In this article, we explained some general questions answer related to dam engineering. like what is dam, reservoir, maximum flood level, spillway, filter, drainage gallery, hydraulic jump, normal pool level, useful storage, etc. so please read the article till the end and if you think it is useful so please share it with your friends. … Read more

Forces acting on Gravity Dam | Components | Design Criteria

forces acting on gravity dam

In this article, we explain various forces acting on gravity dam like water force, ice pressure, earthquake forces, uplift pressure, etc with formula. components of gravity dam, design criteria of gravity dam like overturning criteria, sliding criteria, tension criteria, etc. therefore read the article till the end. Like us on Facebook Facebook Page Join our … Read more


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  First fall all data have colour code Assumed data Yellow Colour Given data in Blue Colour Analysis data in Red Colour first put all given data in excel sheet.Then just you put depth,Then automatically you get Area, Critical velocity, Width , Perimeter, Hydraulic Mean Depth Actual Velocity Then compare analysis actual velocity to critical … Read more