7 Best Methods of Dewatering|| Procedure || Necessity

method of dewatering

In this web we explain various methods of dewatering foundation excavation like sump pumping, Deep well construction method, freezing method of dewatering, chemical consolidation methods of dewatering, cement grouting method of dewatering, well point method of dewatering, electro-osmosis. also share necessity of dewatering, defination of dewatering, in which situation dewatering methods are use and so … Read more

What is Timbering | Importance of Timbering | Timbering Methods

What is timbering

In this web you get details of timbering. What is timbering, Meaning of timbering in construction, what are the member used in timbering, Necessity and importance of timbering, Methods of timbering, how to make timbering and shuttering in trench and what are the precaution taken during timbering and shuttering work. What is timbering? Timbering is … Read more

What is Ferro cement? Material, Construction Method, Application, Uses.

ferrocement why used

In this post, we share what is Ferro cement? how to make Ferrocement? a constructed method, application of its in various sectors, advantages of its, who invented Ferrocement? and so more. What is Ferro Cement? Ferrocement is a thin reinforced concrete structure in which the cement mortar mix is reinforced with a small diameter wire … Read more

Selection of Repair Material for Building Maintenance || Factors

selection criteria for building repair material

How to Select of Repair Materials For Building Defects Maintenance Selection of Building repair materials is an important and complex process. It is important to understand the needs of the owner, engineer, and Architect. The final choice of the Repair material is made on the basis of the relationship between cost, performance, and risk.   … Read more

Blockchain: The Future of Smart city and Building construction.

Blockchain: The Future of Smart city and Building construction.

Blockchain: The Future of Smart City and Building construction. Blockchains are expanding beyond finance and now seek to transform all industries, from healthcare to public administrations. The construction sector is also beginning to study its potential benefits and, although this technology is still taking its first steps, there are already many experts who assure that … Read more