Benifits of Google Earth for Civil Engineering

Benifits of Google Earth for Civil Engineering

In this article, we are going to explain the various benifits of Google Earth in civil engineering works such as for surveying works, roads and highways works, water distribution works, bridge works, etc. In every construction projects, it is very difficult to obtain perfect datas of construction site as well as latest landscape maps with … Read more

Disinfection Process of Water Treatment Plant | Chlorination

methods of disinfection of water in treatment plant

In this article, we explain what is disinfection of water, how water disinfects in water treatment plants, various methods of disinfection, advantages, and disadvantages of each method. What is Disinfection? At the initial stage, various water treatment activities like water screening, sedimentation and filtration were done to purify the water. The process usually involves physical … Read more

Best books for Hydrology | Highly Recommended

best books for hydrology engineering

In this article, we are going to show you the latest and most recommended books for the Hydrology subject. These books include all syllabus of Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering also explain all concepts by perfect examples. There is no comparison between all listed books, all are best in some regarding portion. But the listed … Read more