What is Monolithic Construction Technology | Advantages

Monolithic construction technology

In this article, we explained what is monolithic construction, the Need for Monolithic Construction, Advantages and Disadvantages of monolithic construction, Monolithic construction in India, and so more. So please read the article till the end. If you find any value in this article please share it with your friends and support us. Monolithic Construction is … Read more

Precast Concrete Vs Site cast Concrete

precast concrete vs site cast concrete

In this article, we explained the major difference between precast concrete and Site cast concrete ( cat-in-site concrete). What are precast and site-cast concrete, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these concretes. Where this concrete was used. And so more things so please read the article till the end. And also if you relies … Read more

Fluctuation in Water demand | Factors affecting Water Demand

fluctuation in water demand

In this article, we explain fluctuation of water demand, hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal fluctuation of water demand. factors affection on water demand. So please read the article till the end. Fluctuation in Water demand: Water demand is calculated in different ways.  It usually calculates for the whole year based on the average daily consumption … Read more