World’s Tallest Wooden Building to Built in Australia

Australia is ready to build worlds tallest wooden building in Perth. The building consist of 50-storey which build by hybrid design of concrete and wood. The design includes 42% timber and 58% reinforced concrete.

The joint development assessment panel of Perth recently approved the proposal for the wooden skyscraper building which is going to become worlds tallest wooden building.

World’s Tallest Wooden Building : Tower C16

The proposed hybrid timber skyscraper structure of Australia which is going to construct in southern earth at charles street become Worlds Tallest Wooden Building.

World’s Tallest Wooden Building

The proposed hybrid wooden structure name as C6 Tower is 191.2m tall (627 foot) having 50 storey which includes the 200 residential apartments. The 42% of building is design as timber while the remaining part is design as reinforced concrete.

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Hybrid Timber Tower C16

The C6 Tower will be going to become Australia’s first carbon negative residential building which will use 7400 cubic meters of timber harvested from 600 trees, as per Grange development.

The C6 tower is already going to construct using timber material which was one of the best marvel for construction industry also includes some intresting features such as Rooftop Garden, urban farm and resident access to 80 new fully-electric tesla model 3s.

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Tallest Wooden Building

Top 10 World’s Tallest Wooden Building

Here is the list of top 10 worlds tallest wooden building at present.

Sr. No.NameHeight (m)Location
1.Ascent Tower86.6USA
2.Mjøsa Tower85.4Norway
4.Haut Tower73Netherlands
5.Sara Kulturhus Centre72.8Sweden
6.De Karel Doorman70Netherlands
7.55 Southbank69.7Australia
9.Eunoia Junior College56Singapore
10.Brock Commons Tallwood House53Canada

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