World’s Tallest Wooden Building to Built in Australia

Worlds Tallest Wooden Building in Australia

Australia is ready to build worlds tallest wooden building in Perth. The building consist of 50-storey which build by hybrid design of concrete and wood. The design includes 42% timber and 58% reinforced concrete. The joint development assessment panel of Perth recently approved the proposal for the wooden skyscraper building which is going to become … Read more

What is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete [ACC] – Use – Advantages

what is autoclaved aerated concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are the new sustainable materials that have lots of advantages and disadvantages in the construction industry. AAC blocks are mostly used in high-rise buildings to reduce the dead load of buildings and increase the insulation of buildings. Recently, It was widely used in various sectors of construction industry. The main advantage … Read more

The India’s 8 Best Green Building 2020 – LEED and GRIHA Certified

The India's 8 Best Green Building 2020 - LEED and GRIHA Certified

friend first we understand the green building concept, green building certifying agencies, and their rating system.   What is a green building or Sustainable building? A Green building is defined as a building that is made by optimum use of all five elements of nature. Due to that the design of the building, construction of … Read more