7 Best Architecture Design & 3D Modeling Software

Best Architecture Design Software

In this article, we listed the top and best architecture software’s that are widely used in architectural and engineering industry consisting most of the features and integration with other software to make work high class in category. Listed all architectural software’s are easy to understand and require moderate to high system configuration. And acquiring experience … Read more

One-story House Models

11×13m House

If we live alone or as a couple, it is best to opt for a simple home, especially if we are not thinking of having children soon, so one of our best options is to look for a one-story house, so in this article, we will bring models of one-story houses inspired by Blue World City … Read more

What is Pedestal in Column Footing |Function of Pedestal in Construction

Pedestal in column footing

In this article, we explain pedestal column details such as, what is pedestal in column footing, why it is provided, design criteria for pedestal and so more. Read the article till the end. What is Pedestal in Column Footing Pedestal is a vertical compression member that is provided in various location of building as per … Read more

[2022] What is Flexural Strength of Concrete|Modulus of Rupture

what is flexural strength of concrete

In this article, we explain what is flexural strength of concrete, Formula of flexural strength of concrete as per IS 456, how to determine flexural strength of concrete, etc. So read the article till the end. What is Flexural strength of concrete? Let’s first understand the concept, The concrete section is divided into two parts … Read more