Properties Of Cement | Physical | Chemical | Bogue Compound

Properties of cement and cement bag

In this post, we explained the different types of properties of cement. Explain the physical properties of cement, chemical properties of cement. We also explain the properties of the cement bag which includes the weight of a cement bag, the volume of the cement bag, density and so more. Physical Properties Of Cement: Fineness Soundness … Read more

5 Field and Lab test on cement increase Quality of concrete

field and lab test on cement

Cement is an important element of concrete that affect the durability and quality of concrete. That is why it is necessary to check the quality of cement by performing field and lab tests on cement. The test of cement defines various properties of cement and give an idea about cement is best or bad for … Read more

What is Ferrocement | Material, Construction Method, Application, Uses.

ferrocement why used

In this post, we share what is Ferro cement? how to make Ferrocement? a constructed method, application of its in various sectors, advantages of its, who invented Ferrocement? and so more. What is Ferro Cement? Ferrocement is a thin reinforced concrete structure in which the cement mortar mix is reinforced with a small diameter wire … Read more

Thermochromic cement and mortar- the future of construction materials

Thermochromic cement and mortar- the future of construction materials

IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE || IMAGE BY: EADIC What is Thermochromism? Thermochromism is that the property of an element to vary color because of a change in temperature. A mood ring is a superb example of this phenomenon, but thermochromism also has more practical uses, like baby bottles which change to a special color when cool … Read more