Thermochromic cement and mortar- the future of construction materials

Thermochromic cement

What is Thermochromism?

Thermochromism is that the property of an element to vary color because of a change in temperature. A mood ring is a superb example of this phenomenon, but thermochromism also has more practical uses, like baby bottles which change to a special color when cool enough to drink, or kettles which change when water is at or near boiling point. Thermochromism is one of several types of chromism.
Thermochromic material is also used in the construction industry which is the best application of thermochromic material in construction. The short application of thermochromic material in construction is explained below.

Thermochromic materials

Thermochromic materials are mainly used as temperature indicators in many industrial sectors, to see the temperature variation and reaction heat in chemical reactions, to indicate temperature distribution of chemical heating apparatus like heat exchangers and reactors, and to point the temperature variation in containers for chemicals and dangerous goods and storage vaults

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The thermochromic material used in the construction industry

Short description of Thermochromic cement

Thermochromic cement is a more environmentally friendly material that contributes to the energy efficiency of homes, notably improving thermal insulation, and thus guaranteeing interior comfort during all seasons of the year.
This material arises thanks to the continuous advances in nanotechnology, since, on this occasion, a group of researchers from the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences of the CSIC has carried out a study to verify its usefulness in lengthening the useful life of structures.
Nanomaterials are opening up a world of possibilities for the construction sector, since, by combining cement with other elements such as titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, and carbon nanotubes, it is possible to give new applications to said construction material.

What is Thermal insulation || characteristic || and material used in construction

For her part, the doctor of chemical sciences Ana Guerrero has managed to generate self-repairing concrete through her research. It has made this breakthrough by using epoxy-filled silica microcapsules, which when applied to an internal crack are capable of repairing damaged concrete.
This solution is applicable in cracks up to 150 micrometers wide, but there is still ongoing research that ensures they will be able to be effective up to 300 micrometers wide.
Thermochromic cement and self-healing concrete are two advances of great value to the construction sector, with very positive effects, especially in the long term. But they face a serious problem, since, to have a place in this industry, it is necessary to verify that the investment provides the desired benefits since its cost is quite high.

Thermochromic mortar

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thermochromic mortar for improvement of energy efficiency in buildings

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