How Many Nos of bricks used in 1m3 || Brickwork calculation

brickwork calculation

In this article we explain Brickwork Calculation.  How many nos of bricks, cement bags and sands are required for 1m3 Brick Masonry. How many quantity of mortar required for 1m3 brick work, etc.  It is very common question which is mostly ask in interview and other competitive exam. As well as the nos of bricks, … Read more

What is estimate? Different types of estimates in civil engineering

different types of estimates in civil engineering

In this web we Explain What is estimate, estimating and, costing? data required for preparing estimate, different types of estimates, approximate estimate, detailed estimates, purpose of estimates, skills required for estimator and duties of estimator and so more. Estimate What is Estimate: Before starting any construction, estimate the potential cost for the construction, how many … Read more

Beam Design Excel Sheets Download Free

Beam Design Excel

Reinforced concrete beams play a crucial role in supporting the load and ensuring the stability of structures. This article will take you on a journey through the intricate world of beam design, covering fundamental principles, types, design considerations, common mistakes, and innovations that shape the landscape of modern construction. Beams are essential structural elements that … Read more