Calculate Cement, Sand, and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

In this article, we explain calculation of cement, sand, and aggregate quantity in concrete. how many nos of cement bags is required for different volume of concrete. sand quantity in m3. aggregate quantity in m3. you easily find quantity of concrete using our calculator.

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How to use a concrete work calculator?

Steps 1: Enter required volume of concrete which is you obtain from estimate of building.

Steps 2: Enter concrete mix details like proportion of cement sand and coarse aggregate which is you obtain from mix design of concrete. If your mix design is M20 that means the ratio of M20 grade is 1:1.5:3. therefore enter cement proportion 1, sand proportion 1.5, and coarse aggregate proportion 3 in calculator.

Step 3: Enter the price details as per your location. Because the price is changes every location. Enter per bag cement price, per tone sand price, and per tone coarse aggregate price.

Steps 4: See the calculated quantity of concrete. cement is nos of bags, sand in m3, and coarse aggregate in m3.

Steps 5: See the estimated price of your concrete work materials . it is approximate price details of your concrete work materials which give round figure idea of concrete work materials price.

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Quantity in Concrete Work Calculation details:

Calculation data:

Assume required quantity of concrete is 1m3

Assume concrete grade is M20

Proportion of concrete is :1:1.5:3

For 1m3 wet concrete, dry concrete required 52% more

That means for 1m3 wet concrete, dry concrete required 1.52m3

Sum of concrete ration

= 1+1.5+3


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Quantity of cement :

quantity of cement=

= (1/5.5) X 1.52

= 0.2763m3

cement in bags:

volume of 1 cement bag = 0.035m3

Nos of cement bag = 0.2763/0.035

= 7.89 nos of cement bag required for 1m3 concrete

Quantity of Sand:

Quantity of sand

=(1.5/5.5) X 1.52

= 0.414m3

Quantity of Coarse aggregate:

quantity of coarse aggregate

= (3/5.5) X 1.52

= 0.829m3

That means for 1m3, 8 nos of cement bags, 0.414m3 sand, and 0.829m3 aggregate quantity in concrete required for M20 Grade concrete.

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