What is Formwork in Construction || 7 Types of Formwork Used

what is formwork in construction

In this article, we explained definition of Formwork, different types of formwork used in construction, aluminium, tunnel formwork in construction, Advantages. Short Summry: What is Formwork in Construction? When the concrete is tilted, it is in a plastic state, so it needs temporary supports and casing to hold it until it is strong enough. This temporary … Read more

14 Different Special Types of Concrete || Prons and Cons

special types of concrete

In this article, We explain different special types of concrete. like fiber-reinforced concrete, high-density concrete, lightweight concrete, precast concrete, prestressed concrete, plum concreet, polymer concrete, No fine concrete, etc. Different Special types of concrete : Light Weight Concrete Plum Concrete Fiber Reinforced Concrete Polymer Concrete High Density Concrete Prestressed Concrete Precast Concrete Controlled Concrete Self … Read more

14 Different Types of Mortar | Uses | Properties | Proportion

types of mortar

In this article, we explain different types of mortar with full details. also, we explain the requirements of good mortar, uses of mortar, mortar ratio for different types of work and so more. so read the article till the end. What is Mortar: Mortar is defined as a paste of cement or lime, sand and … Read more

12 Different types of stone masonry used in construction

types of stone masonry

In this article we explain different types of stone masonry with full details. explain types of rubble masonry and ashler masonry. also we explain important points for stone masonry, surfacing of stone masonry, joints of stone masonry, appliance use for lifting a stone. therefore please read the article till the end. What is Stone masonry? … Read more

Different Causes of Foundation Failure | Types | Remedies

causes of foundation failure

In this article, we explain the major causes of foundation failure, types of foundation failures like a general shear failure, punching shear failure, local shear failure. remedies measures of foundation failure. General shear failure. we also explained remedies for foundation failure. First of fall we explain How many types of foundation failures occur in a … Read more