What is Slurry Wall Construction || Process || Full Details

slurry wall construction

Hello everyone, in this article i am going to explain what is slurry wall. Slurry wall construction procedure, advantages of slurry wall construction, limitation of slurry wall construction,  ppt of slurry wall construction techniques, and etc. So read the article till the end. Please help us to share this article with your friends when you … Read more

What is Tunnel Formwork System | Advantages | Process | PPT

tunnel formwork system

Hello everyone, in this article, I am going to explain what is tunnel formwork system? Why we use the tunnel formwork system? What are the advantages of the tunnel formwork system? When tunnel formwork is suitable? Construction procedure of tunnel formwork system, and limitations of tunnel formwork system, etc. So read the article till the … Read more

Various Types of Building Materials Used in Construction

types of building materials used in construction

In this article, we explained all types of building materials that are used in construction also giving a List of building materials. Types of Building Materials: Clay products Rocks and Stones Lime and Pozzolanic materials Cement concrete materials Timber Miscellaneous Material 1. Clay Products: Clay products are the products that are made from clay (a … Read more

What is Irrigation System || Necessity || Advantages

what is irrigation system

In this article, we explain what is irrigation? what is irrigation system, why irrigation necessary, different advantages of irrigation, necessity of irrigation system in india, etc. with full details. so please read the article till the end and share it with your friends, if you have any doubt please ask in comment section. What irrigation … Read more