Precast Concrete Vs Site cast Concrete

In this article, we explained the major difference between precast concrete and Site cast concrete ( cat-in-site concrete). What are precast and site-cast concrete, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these concretes. Where this concrete was used. And so more things so please read the article till the end.

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Before going to know difference between precast concrete and site cast concrete, we know what is this?

Precast Concrete:

The name of this type of concrete explains all about it, which means the concrete is cast in the other location and then assembled at the construction site.

precast concrete


Precast concrete is defined as a type of concrete that is casted at factories or workshops in a controlled manner then the units are assembled on the construction site to make a unique structure.

Definition of Precast Concrete

The strength of concrete is depended on its quality and the quality of concrete is depends on various factors like curing, water-cement ratio, workmanship, design, temperature, humidity, weather, and so more things.

So in case of precast concrete, it is cast in factories or workshops in a controlled manner means the concrete units are cast with proper curing, under the proper temperature, humidity, weather, etc.

So we get a good quality precast concrete unit which is much better than cast-in-situ concrete. And also the strength of precast concrete is much more than cast-in-situ concrete.

It is casted in factories or workshop, means the precast concrete units are casted rapidly without any effects of weather by the help of large man force which helps to increase numbers of precast concrete units within the short time period. Means,

Precast concrete saves the time consumption of construction project which is ultimately save the costs of the construction project.

Also in case of precast concrete, not needed any type of Formwork system, which is reduced the cost of construction by about 15 to 20%.

We get a good quality of concrete due to casted in factories or workshops, which is increased the durability of the structure.

But every technique have some disadvantages, and precast concrete also has some demerits, which are explained below.

The precast concrete needed transportation to carry units from factories to the site, which increased the cost of the construction project.

Also, the precast units are heavy in weight, which means it is needed good machinery to handle these concrete units.

The more uses of precast units in structure, increase the joints in the structure, which is not desirable for earthquake point of you.

Site Cast Concrete (Cast-in-situ Concrete):

Again the names shows all about this concrete, means concrete is casted on the construction site.

site cast concrete ( cast-in-situ concrete)


Site cast concrete is the concrete which is prepared, poured, casted and cured on the construction site.

Definition of Cast-in-situ Concrete

The quality of site-cast concrete is also dependent on various factors such as workmanship, how concrete was prepared, parameters of concrete like water-cement ratio, uses of admixtures, type of mixing, etc., Curing process, weather condition, humidity, temperature, etc.

But due to site-cast, we aren’t able to control some factors such as temperature, curing methods, the humidity of winds, etc, which affects the concrete quality and indirectly affects the strength of the concrete.

The concrete is cast on-site increased the time period of the construction project which is ultimately increased the cost of a project.

In this type of construction we needed more numbers of labors for preparing, pouring, casting, and curing of concrete. So the quality of concrete also depends on the quality of workmanship.

 The site casted concrete is affected by weather conditions, wind humidity, not proper curing, improper mixing of concrete due to less skilled laborers, which helps to decrease the durability of a structure.

Also site cast concrete is depended on weather condition which causes the delay of construction project.

But in the case of site-cast construction, the transportation cost is very less which makes structure cost-efficient. And the joints in the structure are also less which makes a structure more desirable as per earthquake point of view.

So now we come in position to compare both construction techniques.

Difference between Precast concrete and Site cast concrete (Cast-in-situ concrete):

ParametersPrecast ConcreteSite-Cast Concrete
TimeIt increased the speed of Construction. This means this technique is less time consumptiveIt is dependent on weather conditions which causes the delay of the construction.
QualityGood Quality of concrete units obtained.Lessor or normal quality of concrete units obtained.
DurabilityHigh DurabilityPoor or medium durability
JointsIncreased Number of Joints in Structure, which is not desirable for the Earthquake point of view.Decreased number of joints in structure, which is good for Earthquake point of view.
Requirements of WorkersRequired Skilled LaborsRequired Skilled or Un-skilled labors
MachineryRequired Heavy machinery to transport and handle it.Required regular construction Machinery.
Transportation CostHigh Cost of TransportationVery less cost of transportation
Formwork CostNilRequired
CostEconomical for large and tall construction works.Economical for medium and small construction works.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Precast concrete?

Precast concrete is defined as a type of concrete that is casted at factories or workshops in a controlled manner then the units are assembled on the construction site to make a unique structure.

What is Cast-in-situ Concrete?

Cast-in-situ concrete is a type of concrete which is prepared, poured, cast, and cured at construction site.

What is the main advantages of precast concrete?

The Quality and speed of the construction is the main advantages of precast concrete.

Which type of construction is beneficial? Precast or site cast

Precast concrete construction is beneficial for large and rapid construction, where site cast is suitable for small and medium constrution

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  1. Thank you for explaining to us that precast concrete refers to concrete units that have been cast in factories or workshops in a controlled manner, so we can expect that they have undergone proper curing under proper temperature, humidity, weather, and other conditions. I need a concrete supply for my backyard garden soon since I was planning to add hardscaping features to it like walkways and a patio area for more spaces for me to use for outdoor living. I’ll take note of this while I look for where I can get precast concrete for this project soon.


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