Development length of bar for Beam, Column, Slab and Footing

Development length of bar

In this article, we explained what is development length of bar, types of bond, development length formula for Beam, column, footing, and slab, development length examples and so more. Development length of bar In analysis and design of any R.C.C Structure, we consider that concrete & steel have perfect bond. No slippage occur between steel … Read more

What is Pedestal in Column Footing |Function of Pedestal in Construction

Pedestal in column footing

In this article, we explain pedestal column details such as, what is pedestal in column footing, why it is provided, design criteria for pedestal and so more. Read the article till the end. What is Pedestal in Column Footing Pedestal is a vertical compression member that is provided in various location of building as per … Read more