How to Repair Dampness and Efflorescences in wall

How to fix dampness and efflorescence in wall

Dampness and efflorescence reducing the durability of the structure and give a negative impression as an appearance point of view. therefor in this web we explain how to repair dampness in the wall, how to fix efflorescence in wall, methods, techniques and so more. Repair of Walls from Dampness: Damp proof coarse is provided over … Read more

Selection of Repair Material for Building Maintenance || Factors

selection criteria for building repair material

How to Select of Repair Materials For Building Defects Maintenance Selection of Building repair materials is an important and complex process. It is important to understand the needs of the owner, engineer, and Architect. The final choice of the Repair material is made on the basis of the relationship between cost, performance, and risk.   … Read more

Freezing and Thawing Effect on Durability of Concrete-Preventive Measures

Freezing and Thawing Effect on Durability of Concrete-Preventive Measures

FAILURE OF STRUCTURE DUE TO FREEZING AND THAWING IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE || IMAGE BY- FAILUREMECHANICS Freezing and thawing have a bad effect on the durability of concrete. This effect is especially important in colder regions. This effect is less visible in Indian weather. Definition of Freezing and Thawing on Concrete Capillary pores are present in concrete and … Read more

How to select paint for different works and which point remember for Painting on Newly and old Constructed Plastered Walls

Freezing and Thawing Effect on Durability of Concrete-Preventive Measures

PAINTING FOR PLASTERED WALL   Choosing Paint for Different Works: 1.  The number of houses in rural areas in India is more than 65% of the total houses.  Such houses used low-cost paint such as whitewash, color wash, cement paint, and distemper.  Good quality modern paints are used in cities.  2. Plaster Painting for the … Read more

What is Building Maintenance | Pre and Post Monsoon Maintenance

what is building maintenance

Importance of building maintenance The purpose of repairing the building is as follows. The maintenance work is essential to ensure that the building is built to last longer and better. The life of buildings is decreased due to climate conditions like rain, wind, moisture, and temperature. Therefore building serves all services during its life span, … Read more