Stabilized mud block

For the construction of building wall, generally bricks are us everywhere. Very high amount of bricks are use in building wall construction which very costly. And bricks are high in weight. Due to weight of this bricks increase self weight of building. And bricks are not provide proper thermal insulation. Bricks are easily affected by atmosphere. Due to that the durability of building and life of building is reduce. Therefore for the construction of building wall and  other construction, required bricks alternate.

Which increase the durability of buildings, life, and provide chipper construction. Therefore due material science and research of science they found the stabilized mud block, which is easy to use and provide better thermal insulation.

Stabilized mud block are available low price compare to bricks and light in weight. Due to use of this block provide climate comfortable feelings in rooms. This block are give high performance compare to brick. Therefore this block are very good and high efficient compare to brick.


                   Soil is very widely available on earth. And soil have good properties of thermal insulating, and strength. Therefore the soil is use as a construction material which is provide chipper construction and improve building strength. Also improve thermal control in a building and provide high efficiency to users. But the problem is, where soil is use as construction material. Therefore due to science soil are use in mud block.
This stabilized mud blog use in wall for the feeling of gap of reinforced beam and column. This block are also use different ways. This stabilized mud block also known as mud brick.

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In a developing country provide better housing with great performance is very difficult. Because the increase in price of material and reduce the land for construct building. Therefore is required to use chipper material for chipper construction and provide chipper construction. Therefore the stabilized mud block is very important and provide better performance and chipper compare to brick.


The stabilized mud block made by different material like. Soil mud, coir,  straw, fibres and cement as stabilization. The straw and other fibres are use for improve tensile strength of stabilized mod block. Because the fibres have great tensile strength and this material available naturally with lowest price. This fibres are connected to mud and improve tensile strength of block.

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The compressive strength of fibres mud block is higher compare to normal mud block.  Because the fibres are strong against stress. Soil is very widely used in india for the construction of earthen houses in village area because soil is easy to available and easy to use. But soil have tendency to erosion easily and allow water through it.
Also soil require high routine maintenance  for improve durability of construction. The cement is use for improve compressive strength of building. Low amount of cement increase 50 to 60% of compressive strength.

All material which are use in mud block, naturally available and naturally renewable. Due to that this material are not affect to environment and not produce green gases. Which make healthy environment. Therefore we says the blocks are eco-friendly.  
Mud block also have good sound insulation material and easy to cast. Therefore for casting the blocks not require good skill for labour.

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·        Stabilized mud blocks (SMBs) are manufactured by compacting a wetted mixture of soil, sand, and stabilizer in a machine into a high-density block. Such blocks are used for the construction of load-bearing masonry.
·        For the purpose of provide alternate of burnt bricks.
·        To investigate present soils to find their suitableness in stable earth block production.
·        Use naturally  available material in construction work.
·        For eco-friendly construction. And decrease green house effect.
·        For the purpose of achieve chipper construction.
·        For provide thermal insulation in building.
·        To improve sound absorption in building.
·      To meet the economic requirements of the local situation by: reducing dependence on outside sources and ensuring low cost alternatives.

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  1. ·        The stabilized mud block 20 to 40% chipper compare to bricks.

·        For casting of block,  materials are locally available
·  Natural materials are used in mud block therefore this block are environment                 friendly.
·        Not required skilled labour
·        The block easily cast on a site
·        Provide better aesthetic view
·        This block produce low solid waste which is very important.
·        The block all material renewable by naturally.
·        The compressive strength of stabilized mud block is 40 to 50% more compare to            normal mud block.
·        The water absorption of block is very less.
·        This blocks are less produce green gases.
·        Mud block provide better sound absorption.
·        Thermal insulating property is good of this block.
·        This blocks are very good for hot climate and cold climate region.
·        This block are best alternative of burnt bricks
·        Block are reusable.

  1. ·        In high rainfall region, where high rainfall occur there this bloke are not used.

·        This block are less durable compare to bricks.
·        Blocks are affected by water. And due to that blocks are destroy easily.
·        The less compressive strength of  block compare to bricks.
·        This block are affected by environment.
·        The proper maintenance is required.
·        The block are affected by termite. Therefore anti-termite protection is required.
·        For casting and drying of this block required more time.
·        This block are easily affected by nature like, wind, sun heat, rain, snow etc.

This block are not perfect solution of bricks and solid waste but it was great innovation and after some time this blocks are fill all demnd of bricks. It was used very high amount compare to bricks after some time. And this block nature friendly. After sometime scientist and there research  find perfect solution of brick. Which save environment.
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