Fluctuation in Water demand | Factors affecting Water Demand

fluctuation in water demand

In this article, we explain fluctuation of water demand, hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal fluctuation of water demand. factors affection on water demand. So please read the article till the end. Fluctuation in Water demand: Water demand is calculated in different ways.  It usually calculates for the whole year based on the average daily consumption … Read more

Concrete Production, Placement, & Curing Process || Summary

concrete production and placement process

In this article, we explain a Short Summary of Concrete production and placement which include various stages like batching of concrete, mixing of concrete, transportation of concrete, placing of concrete, compaction of concrete, and curing of concrete. so read the article till the end. Concrete Production and Placing Process: Concrete Production and placing Process includes … Read more

What is Slurry Wall Construction || Process || Full Details

slurry wall construction

Hello everyone, in this article i am going to explain what is slurry wall. Slurry wall construction procedure, advantages of slurry wall construction, limitation of slurry wall construction,  ppt of slurry wall construction techniques, and etc. So read the article till the end. Please help us to share this article with your friends when you … Read more