One-story House Models

If we live alone or as a couple, it is best to opt for a simple home, especially if we are not thinking of having children soon, so one of our best options is to look for a one-story house, so in this article, we will bring models of one-story houses inspired by Blue World City homes so that you can see the infinity of real estate options that are on the market.

12x13m House

12x13m House

The interior design of this house is characterized by having good-sized rooms, especially when it comes to the hall.

12x13m House plan

The main entrance leads directly to a corridor where we will run into the doors of the bedrooms and bathrooms until the end, when we will find the living room. As for the kitchen, it is located in a separate room from the living room, and inside it we will find the dining room.

10×10m House

10×10m House

In the case of this house, we can count on enough space and privacy in each room since each room in the house is separated, so if you are in the living room, it will be difficult for you to know what is happening in the kitchen, what which could present advantages and disadvantages, all depending on how you are used to living at home.

10×10m House plan

The main entrance leads directly to the living room, and at the back, we will find access to a corridor, which allows us to go to the kitchen and dining room and, of course, to the two bedrooms and the bathroom of the house.

Brick and Wood House

Brick and Wood House

In case we like rustic facades, we can opt for a brick and wood house that gives us that rustic warmth and enough space for our lifestyle.

Upon entering the house, we will run into the living room, and at the end, we will find a corridor that will take us directly to the kitchen, the dining room, and one of the bathrooms in the house.

Brick and Wood House plan

Between the kitchen and the dining room, there is an entrance to another corridor that will allow us access to the rooms of the house, the main bathroom, and at the end, a door to the garage.

House of 130 m2

House of 130 m2

The design of this house offers a little more space as the living room, and kitchen are designed with an open concept, which means that no wall separates one from the other.

House of 130 m2 plan

Upon entering the house, we come across a corridor that allows access to the bedrooms, main bathroom, and laundry, being at the back when it allows us to turn towards the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

14×13m house

14×13 house

The design of the facade of this house is very classic American, and inside, the distribution of the room is very comfortable.

14×13 house plan

Upon entering, we are already in the living room, which leads us to a corridor that will lead us first to the bathroom, then to the rooms, and at the end, we will find the kitchen.

11×13m House

11×13m House

In case you are looking for a much broader option, this house model is definitely ideal since all its rooms have an ideal size to lead a comfortable life, in addition to the fact that the distribution makes it very easy

11×13m House plan

Upon entering, we will come across a corridor that leads us first to the bathroom, then we can go to the kitchen, the main bathroom, or the bedrooms, but if we continue moving down the corridor, we will come across the living room. The best thing about this design is that the rooms are well separated from the visiting areas, which gives more privacy.

110m2 House

110m2 House

This house model is much more square and geometric since it is a rectangular area, and its rooms are distributed along the edges of the house.

110m2 House plan

Upon entering, we will find a corridor, which on the sides has the entrances to bathrooms and bedrooms, while at the back of the house, there will be the living room and the kitchen.

There are many models of single-story houses and countless ways to distribute the rooms. You just need to find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

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