Best books for Hydrology | Highly Recommended

In this article, we are going to show you the latest and most recommended books for the Hydrology subject. These books include all syllabus of Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering also explain all concepts by perfect examples.

There is no comparison between all listed books, all are best in some regarding portion. But the listed books on hydrology in this post are highly recommended by top universities, Teachers, and students.

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1. Engineering Hydrology by K. Subramanya.

engineering hydrology by k Subramanya

Engineering Hydrology by K Subramanya is one of the most popular books for hydrology subjects in civil engineering coarse. It mostly covers all syllabus of water resources engineering.

The explanation of hydrology in this Book is best. It includes enough theories with images and graphs related to water resources engineering.

The contents of this book are listed below.

  • Introduction
  • Precipitation
  • Abstraction from precipitation
  • Stream flow measurement
  • Runoff
  • Hydrograph
  • Floods
  • Flood routing
  • Groundwater
  • Erosion and reservoir sedimentation
  • Objective questions

It is a good book and again objective questions are also included in this book which is the significantly advantageous point, but it has also some negative points such as the size of books, very fewer images, and fewer nos of illustration.

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2. Hydrology Flood control & Water Engineering by Santosh Kumar Garg

hydrology and flood control by Santosh Kumar Garg

Hydrology, flood control, and water engineering by Santosh Kumar Garg is also well and a good book for Hydrology subject. This book is also recommended by most of the universities.

Also book by Santosh Kumar Garg author is easy to understand and full of examples and illustrations which is a positive point for this book.

The contents of this book are listed below.

  • Introduction to the subject with indian Potentials
  • Requirements of water for various uses
  • Precipitation – yielding fresh water as surface flow
  • Measuring precipitation and hydrology analysis of precipitation data
  • Generation of run off ( streamflow)from rainfall
  • Abstractions from rainfall for the balance to appear as surface runoff
  • Computing runoff from a given rainfall
  • Streamflow Measurement and Ganga discharge curve
  • Flood Control Measures
  • Flood Preparedness and emergency Evacuation
  • Flood Forecasting Techniques
  • Ground water extraction for irrigation and other uses
  • Planning and development of multipurpose water resources projects
  • Engineering Economy in Water Resources Planning
  • Computer applications in the designs of water resources systems
  • Chapterwise multi-choice Objective Question
  • Test paper on objective question
  • Certain additional typical important numerical examples from the AMIE exam
  • Objective Question of the Engineering Services Exams
  • Objective Question of the AMIE Exams (New Scheme).

This book is also helpful for competitive exams such as civil services, SSC, State Government Engineering Exams, Public sector Engineering Exams, etc.

This book’s print is not proper and also not a colour full images for better understanding which becomes a negative point of this book.

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3. Water resources engineering and hydrology by Dr R.P Rethaliya

water resources engineering and hydrology by dr rp rethaliya

Water resource engineering and hydrology is also one of the best books due to its point Explanation. It does not include deep theories on a particular topic but enough for exam study purposes.

It is not recommended by lots of universities, but due to its simple and point-to-point Explanation and more number of examples and illustrations, we recommend this book for college study purposes.

This book is best for hydrology subjects for college exams. It also includes most of the syllabus of hydrology.

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4. Irrigation and Water Power Engineering by B.C Punamiya

irrigation and water power engineering by bc punmia

Irrigation and Water Power Engineering is also a good book written by a very well-known author Sir Dr. B.C Punamiya.

This book also includes all syllabus of hydrology and water resources engineering also includes some parts of the hydraulic structure which beneficial for students.

A good explanation of every concept is given in this book with proper examples and illustrations. This book is also recommended by lots of universities and students.

We recommend this book for competitive exam study purposes. This book was divided into five sections. The content of this book is listed below.

Section 1: Irrigation Practice

  • Introduction
  • Methods of irrigation
  • Water requirements of crops

Section 2: Water Resources Engineering

  • Hydrology
  • Ground water : well irrigation
  • Reservoir planning
  • Dams I : General
  • Dams II : Gravity Dam
  • Dams III : Arch and Buttress dam
  • Dam IV: Earth and Rock fill dam
  • Dam V : Spillway
  • Diverson headworks

Section 3: Distribution System

  • Flow irrigation
  • Irrigation channels I: silt theories
  • Irrigation channels II: Design Procedure
  • Waterlogging and Canal lining
  • Canal outlet
  • Canal regulations works
  • Cross drainage works

Section 4: Miscellaneous Topics

  • River Engineering
  • Water power Engineering
  • Water resources planning
  • Important Dams of India

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