4 Best Books for Reinforced Concrete Design by Indian Authors

When we start to learn more about engineering, it always needs to read good books. Because a good book helps us to better understand all concepts of that subject as well as solve our all problems. A good book includes everything that is described in the syllabus with proper explanations and problems.

So in this article, we listed some best books for reinforced concrete design which are mostly recommended by the best universities.

These books include all content of reinforced concrete design with the best explanation and figures that is ultimately helping to boost our understanding of RCC Structures.

Please note that this article note represents the top or comparison of RCC design books. We show only the best books as per our observation and recommendations of the institutes.

1. RCC Design by B.C Punamia and Ashok Kumar Jain

Rcc design by bc punmia
Rcc design by bc punmia

This book is one of the best books for RCC Structure design which includes all the syllabus of reinforced cement concrete design.

This book is also useful for the preparation of competitive exams such as gate, SSC, ies, gpsc, etc.

It includes all recommendations of IS 456 for the design of the RCC structure.

This book is divided into 6 parts and 4 appendix. Six parts name is listed below.

  • Working stress
  • Water tank
  • Miscellaneous structure
  • Concrete Bridge
  • Limit State Design
  • Prestressed Concrete and miscellaneous topics.

The explanation of RCC design in this book is best. It includes a definition, principles of design, and theories with figures, design procedure, and examples.

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RCC Design by B.C punamia book includes 48 cheaper. Some chapters of this book are listed below.

  • Introduction
  • Theory of reinforced beam and slab
  • Shear and bond
  • Torsion
  • Doubly reinforced beam
  • T and L-Beams
  • Design of beam and slabs
  • Design of staircases
  • Reinforced brick and Hollow tile roofs
  • Two-way slabs
  • Circular slabs
  • Flat slabs
  • Axially loaded columns
  • Combined direct and bending stress
  • Chimney
  • Portal frame
  • Building frame
  • Aqueduct and box culverts
  • Concrete Bridges
  • Circular slabs
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Yield line theory and design of slab
  • Circular and intake tank
  • Rectangular tank
  • Underground water tank
  • Reinforced concrete pipe
  • Bunker and silos
  • Shrinkage and creep
  • For work, etc.

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2. Reinforced Concrete Design by Devdas Menon.

Rcc design by devdas menon
Rcc design by Devdas menon

It was also one of the best book for RCC design as per IS 456 and other relevant code.

This book is written by Devdas Menon and S Unnikrishnan Pillai.

It includes all syllabus of RCC design as per academic purpose as well as competitive exam purpose.

This book consist of lots of explanation images that ultimately help us for a better understanding of RCC design.

The book has a special chapter for special provision for earthquake resistance design which is a major advantage of this book.

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It includes 17 chapters and 2 appendices. All chapters name is listed below.

  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Basic materials property
  • Basic design concepts
  • Behaviour in flexure
  • Design of beam and one-way slab for flexure
  • Design for torsion
  • Design for bond
  • Analysis for design moments in continuous system
  • Serviceability Limit State: Deflection and Cracking
  • Design of two-way slab system
  • Design of staircase
  • Design of compression members
  • Design of footing and retaining wall
  • Good Detailing and construction Practice
  • Special provision for earthquake resistance design
  • Selected special topics

The font size of this book is small which is a normal disadvantage of this book.

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3. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by N Krishna Raju

4 Best Books for Reinforced Concrete Design by Indian Authors
Rcc design by N Krishna Raju

Design of reinforced concrete structure by n Krishna arjun is totally based on IS 456.

This book is recommended by lots of university and college due to it’s useful and unique content.

The design process of various structural elements is explain vary well and easy to understand.

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4. Reinforced concrete by H J Shah

Rcc design by hi shah
Rcc design by H J Shah

It is also vary useful book for better understanding of RCC design.

This book is divided into 2 volumes. The first volume includes the design of general structural elements of the building where the second volume consist design of Advanced RCC structures.

This book is also recommended by lots of universities and colleges.

Very useful book for RCC design because it includes the design of all structural elements with proper explanation with images. And also includes examples and illustrations of design.

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Other best reference books for RCC Design

Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by N Subramanian

Rcc design by n Subramanian
Rcc design by n Subramanian

These are the some best books for RCC design that are mostly recommended by we’ll know universities.

This all book includes all content of reinforced concrete structure design that is based on limit state method.

We also update our article time to time, so may be in the future you get more books in our list.

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Which are the best RCC Structure Book?

Best books for RCC Structure design are listed below.
1. RCC Design By B.C Punamiya,
2. RCC Design By Devdas Menon.
3. RCC Design By N Krishna Raju.
4. RCC Design By N Subramanian.

Last but not the least
5. RCC Design By HJ Shah.

What is the Best RCC Design Book?

As per my opinion, the book which follows the all criteria of IS. 456 and easy to understand also for in depth study is RCC Design By BC Punamiya and RCC Design By Devdas Menon. This two are the My favourite Books For RCC Design but also one book that I recommend to all of you is RCC design by HJ ShaH.

What is a Good RCC design book for Gate Examination?

RCC Design By BC Punamiya and Ak Jain.
RCC design by HJ Shah

Which is the best RCC Book for Civil Engineers to understand the whole concept and problem in detail?

RCC Design By BC Punamiya and Ak Jain.
RCC Design by N Krishna Raju.
RCC Design by Devdas Menon

Which IS Code Must be Read to Learn RCC Design?

IS 456:2000. Code for RCC Structure design
SP 6 Handbook for RCC Design
SP 34 Handbook For Detailing

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