5 Stages in Construction to Complete any Projects

In this article, we explain different stages of construction, what are the purposes of all stages in construction, which activity includes this stages and so more

Stages in Construction

The main stages of any construction project are as follows. 

  • Report Stage or Briefing Stage
  • Designing Stage
  • Tendering Stage
  • Construction Stage
  • Commissioning Stage 

1. Briefing Stage:

Briefing Stage Also called ‘Report Stage. The briefing stage is the first stages in coonstruction. In which the ideas, costs and benefits of different individuals are studied keeping in mind the project cost is reduced as well as the usefulness of the project increases.

Purpose of briefing stages in construction:

The purpose of the briefing stage is to determine the requirements of the owner regarding the project and to determine the cost limit

Activities in briefing stage:

  • Appoint a project steering committee. 
  • Appoint a project manager who is responsible to the owner throughout the project. 
  • Technical Investigation
  • Non-technical investigation which includes economic, social factors, market survey etc. 
  • Study the different options and choose the project with the most suitable option. 
  • Prepare project report, which mentions the investigation, analysis and solution done.

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2. Designing or Planning Stages in construction:

During this stage project cost estimate is prepared.

Purpose planning stage:

  • Completing the project report (Project Summary).
  • Determining the project cost.            
  • Determining the construction methods.
  • To do Drawing specification ready.

Activities in Planning stages:

  • Preparation of project report. 
  • To prepare detailed designs and drawings. 
  • To prepare detailed specification. 
  • Determining the project cost. 
  • Preparation of preliminary construction program along with time sheet. 

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3. Tendering Stage:

The next stages in construction is tendering stage. In this stage bidding of tender is done by different contractors for the project. And the work is assigned to the most suitable contractor. 

Purpose of tendering stage:

Assign work to the contractor who is most favorable in terms of tender terms, cost, quality

Activities in tendering stage:

  • Inviting tenders, selecting contractors. 
  • Prepare contract documents and enter into an agreement between the owner and the contractor.

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4. Construction Stage:

After the tendering stage, the next stage is construction stage. In this stage, the construction of a given project is completing in a given time limit by the contractor.

Purpose of Construction stage:

To construct as per design with good quality, within prescribed cost and time limit 

Activity in construction stage:

  • Prepare construction schedule. 
  • Preparation of Manpower Schedule. 
  • Preparation of Plant and Machinery Schedule. 
  • Preparation of Material Delivery Schedule. 
  • Control work on site. 
  • To ensure that the quality of construction is maintained during the work. 
  • Carrying out the work as per the schedule without incurring any expenditure of goods, manpower, money which is often evaluated using the Percentage of Completion (POC) Method

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5. Commissioning Stage:

The last stage in- construction is commissioning stage. The purpose of commissioning stage is describe below.

Purpose of commissioning stage:

The main purpose of this stage is to ensure that the construction is done as shown in the contract document as well as whether the various services are available as decided in the design.

 Activities is Commissioning stage:

  • Keep a record of actual work done. 
  •  Properly inspect the construction and remove any defects. 
  • To make arrangements for maintenance of construction. 

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