How to Repair of Stone Masonry Defects | Strengthening of Stone Masonry

In this article we explain repair of stone masonry all defects, how to do, procedure, important points and so more. strengthening of stone masonry is very important for its durability. here we explain repair of random rubble masonry, repair of corner of stone masonry and etc.

Repair of Stone Masonry:

  1. Strengthening of random rubble masonry by ‘Through bond’
  2. Strengthening two stone walls near corners
  3. Repair of Random Rubble Masonry Wall

1. Strengthening of random rubble masonry by “Through bond”:

Strengthening of random rubble masonry by through bond is common type of repair of stone masonry method. which is widely used.

Steps are given below to do strengthening of random rubble masonry by “ through bond”.

stitching stone wythes of repair of stone masonry
  • First select the place to put ‘Through Bond’ in the stone wall. Select the space in which 1meter remains horizontal and vertical distance (from centre to centre). 
  • Remove the plaster from the stone in the wall at the designated place.  Remove the mortar around the stone and expose the stone. 
  • Shake the stone gently to get it out without damaging the wall. 
  • Take out the stone in such a way that it makes a hole of about 75 mm in the wall. 
  • Place a M.S. rod of 8 mm diameter in this hole and fill it with concrete in the ratio of 1: 2: 4.  Curing the surface by spraying water for 10 days increases the strength of the wall.

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2. Strengthening two stone walls near corners:

Strengthening two stone walls near corners is also one method of repair of stone masonry.

Two stone walls can be sewn to strengthen near corners (junctions).  In this way the action in the walls is grilled with a 20 mm diameter hole at an angle of 45 to the lateral.

The hall is filled with rods of 10 mm diameter and filled with cement grout.

sewing transverse wall with inclined bars

3. Repair of Random Rubble Masonry Wall:

Repair of random rubble masonry wall is one method of repair of stone masonry

Random rubble masonry wall is most damaged during an earthquake, which can be repaired by grouting with rich cement mortar (1: 1) or with steel mesh and motor. 

  • In the method of grouting 2 to 4 holes are grilled per 1 square meter. 
  • First the hall is cleaned by injecting water into the hall. 
  • The cement-sand grout (1: 1) is then grouted at low pressure (0.1 to 2.5 MPa) in the hole.  The grouting of the hall is done from bottom to top in the wall. 
  • When there are more cracks in the wall and cracks are visible on both surfaces of the wall, it is reinforced with wiremesh. 
  • Remove plaster from the masonry surface and clean the surface thoroughly, laying 50mm x 50mm wiremash on both sides of the wall. 
  • The wiremass on both surfaces is connected by steel rods at a distance of 300 to 400 mm. 
  • It is coated with cement mortar. Then finished it.
  • Strengthening of thicker rubble masonry is done by placing through stone or bounding element in wall.
  • Such ‘through stone’ or ‘bounding element’ should be placed at every 1/3 point of the length and height of the wall.  Longer walls can be strengthened with a buttress.
strengthening of long wall by buttress

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