Slate is a Natural Sustainable Building Material

In this article, we are going to explain about natural slate which includes the most of the sustainable Properties. How Slate become one of the important sustainable roofing material. Its Uses and advantages.

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Now, the carbon emission of any material is become a major problem in view of Healthy environment. The bad impact of construction industry on environment is highest due to use of high carbon producing products such as cement, steel, etc.

But, The construction industry adopting sustainable architecture and material which leads to reduce the bad effect on environment by emitting less carbon.

Use of sustainable architecture & material in construction industry is one of the most efficient way to sustain environment and control the global warming.

The sustainability of any material is mostly depends on its life cycle process, durability, performance against weather, aesthetic view, etc.

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And here i am going to explain one of the most important sustainable material that is natural slate which fulfill the all requirements.

Sustainable material should have less carbon emission with great durability and performance. Also should be recycled or reused.

Before understanding the slate as a sustainable material, Let’s Understand what is slat?

What is Slate?

Natural Slate

Slate is a foliated metamorphic rock that is originally formed by composition of sedimentary rock with clay or volcanic ash.

It consist the fine grained texture with high compression resisting property. You can easily see the formation layer on it.

Slate can be easily cut by striking heavy load parallels to the foliation on it. Slate occur in variety of colors such as Grey, Purple, Green or Cyan.

Slate was used in a building from ancient roman period as roofing materials, tiles, fireproof cladding, etc.

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Slate as a Sustainable Material

As we discussed above, the sustainability of any material is depends on 5 major factors that is listed below.

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Durability
  • Performance against weather
  • Texture or Aesthetic
  • Property
  • Uses

And, Natural slate is a sustainable material or not is described below by explaining all factors.

Natural slate as a sustainable building material

Life cycle analysis is a technique which is used to understand the impact of any material on environment. Life cycle analysis includes the production process of material, manufacturing, distribution, use, recycling, and final disposal.

Natural Slate require very less energy to extract, process and transport. Slate can be easily cut into a require thickness by just striking a heavy load parallel to it foliation.

During production of slate, it consume water 2 time less as compare to clay roof, 11 times less as compare to asbestos cement sheets, 135 times less as compare to zinc alternatives.

No artificial chemical is used in production process.

It’s not required environment polluting furnace for production and finishing.

The resistance of slate is very high against atmosphere. Its life span is more than 100 Years.

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The resistance of slate against weather is very high. It can resist the extreme Temperature which make it fireproof material. Also due to fine grained texture, it is waterproof material.

Slate also Avoids the ice formation on it.

Slate the well grained rough or pretty smooth surface. Its not require any finishing works or other aesthetic texture on slate to looks good as a point of aesthetic view.

Natural Slate can be used as roofing materials, tiles, cladding or fireproof surface.

slate roofing

Slate is 100% recyclable and can be reused once its life finished.

Its produce very less carbon footprint due to less use of energy and other natural resource during its production, distribution, fixing and maintenance.


Slate is a good waterproof, Fireproof & durable material which have more than 100 years of life span. The energy requirement and carbon emission during its life span is very less which make its a great sustainable material. Also Slate require very less production and maintenance cost which make it a economical building material.

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