7 Types of Crane Mostly Used in Construction

Hello friends, in this article we explain what is crane in construction, how many types of crane used in construction, their uses, and so more. So read the article till the end.  I hope we solved all your queries related to the types of crane used in construction. If your queries not solved please comment.

What is a crane in construction?

I think crane word all of you know because its very common word called when we required to lift any heavy material.

But the technically we defined as,

Crane is defined as a temporary structure that is fixed on the ground or mounted over a vehicle, operated by a pulley mechanism for the purpose of lift or move heavy material, machinery, etc. from lower level to higher level.  

Various types of crane used from ancient period.

For large construction work, cranes become a temporary part of construction work.  Cost of crane is crucial for total cost of construction. So it is necessary to require which types of cranes fulfil the maximum requirement of our project. Due to that we eliminate the extra cost and minimize the total project cost and finally we get maximum profit.

We list out various types of cranes with their uses that helps you to choose which type of crane is suitable for your project.

How Many Types of Crane used in Construction

There are lots of types of cranes used in construction and other work. but the most used types of cranes are listed down.

1.  Telescopic Crane:

telescopic crane used in construction

Telescopic crane mounted over a truck, equipped with boom (arm) which consist nos of concentrated steel tubes that is used to increase the length of boom. It is outfitted with hydraulic mechanism.

Telescopic cranes are useful for short term construction work also for the rescue operation during some emergencies.

Due to its look and operation like a telescope, it is called telescopic crane. Telescopic crane is a type of fixed crane.

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 2. Mobile crane:

mobile crane used in construction

Mobile crane is the Second type of crane on our list. Mobile cranes are the most common type of crane which consists of a steel truss or telescopic boom. A telescopic boom or truss is mounted over a mobile platform like a crawler or tires. Mobile cranes provide greater mobility compared to other types of crane.

There are lots of uses of the mobile cranes in construction, like loading and moving material on construction sites, etc.

3. Truck Mounted Crane:

truck mounted crane used in construction

As per its name we know that its details. Truck-mounted cranes are mounted over a truck which is divided into two parts, boom, and carrier.  These types of cranes provide great mobility. Due to its unique structure, it can easily move on a road and also can travel with carrying a heavy load.

These types of cranes consist outfitted with counterweight and outrigger for stabilization while carrying a large load on road.

These types of cranes used for the inspection, maintenance, construction of bridge deck, and carry a large load.

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4. Tower Crane:

tower crane used in construction

Tower crane is mostly used for the construction of the large structure. Now a day tower crane becomes the most popular in urban construction due to their ease of operation and less area consumption.

Tower crane is mostly used on large construction site compare to mobile crane because mobile crane requires a large setup area at ground level where tower crane required very less space at ground level.

Tower cranes are very efficient at lifting and moving material from one place to another place horizontally as well as vertically.

Tower crane is great for moving material for large distance.

Parts of Tower crane are as follows:

  • Counterweight
  • Counter jib
  • Turntable
  • Mast (Tower)
  • Climbing support collar
  • Hydraulic climbing section
  • Operator’s cabin
  • Jib
  • Trolley
  • Hook block
  • Rear pendant
  • Fore pendant, etc.

Tower crane is used to construct a large structure in urban areas. Tower crane required less space due to that it is mostly used in construction also tower crane can be constructed over a narrow road or space.

5. Rough terrain crane:

rough terrain crane used in construction

Rough terrain crane is very similar to crawler crane (is a type of mobile crane) but in this crane is mounted over an undercarriage that has four large rubber tires, where crawler mounted crane is mounted over a truck.

This crane is designed to carry a load on a off-road condition. Rough terrain cranes can easily pick and carry a large load on rough terrain.

In Rough terrain crane, single engine is used to power undercarriage as well as crane.

6. Overhead crane:

overhead crane

Overhead crane is a fixed type of crane; it is also known as a suspended crane which is set up on site between two points. Gantry crane is also one type of overhead crane.

These types of crane are used in industry to lift large loads from one place to another place. It is also used to construct bridge support.

Overhead crane consist beam on which trolley move. Hoist is attached with trolley which moves loads.

Gantry crane and jib cranes are two types of overhead crane.

7. Crawler crane:

crawler crane used in construction

This type of mobile crane is mounted on a crawler wheel. Crawler cranes are very easy to carry a load and do work on a soft and boggy ground due to their crawler track.

The parts of crawler crane are as follow:

  • Crawler
  • Operation cabin
  • Jib
  • Pulley
  • Counterweight
  • Mast, etc.

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