Sugarcrete : A Best way to Use Sugarcane Waste in Construction

Sugarcane, one of the world’s largest crops by production, and is responsible for many sweet and ethanol product.

However, the problem is the


 which is left when sugar juice is extracted from sugarcane.

According to international science journal Industrial Crops and Products, 513M.t of this dry fibrous material is created globally every year.

513M.t /Year

dry fibrous material

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Bagasse has limited uses. In some cases, it's burned as a biofuel for cooking or electricity generation, but this process contributes to pollution.


But the Researchers of the University of East London converted this problem into a great solution by utilizing bagasse in construction


They created a block of bagasse in which bagasse Fibers are used as mass and binders are used to hold the material before compressed and moulded to block.

They created a .....................

Block of Bagasse

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They called it as Sugercrete, one of the best alternatives of conventional brick and slab panels in construction industry.


It is alerydy in a pilot project at sugarcane producing countries like in Uttar Pradesh, India to build a classroom from Sugarcrete bricks.

Pilot Project

However, the use of sugercrete is in research phase that means the perfect understanding of strength and its behavior is a question mark.

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