Ascent Skyscraper : World’s Tallest Mass-Timber Structure

Ascent Skyscraper

Now, Ascent Skyscraper of Milwaukee, US is the World's Tallest Mass Timber Structure

It is 86.6m (264 Feet) Tall Structure which is certified as the World's Tallest timber building as well as World's Tallest Timber Concrete Hybrid Building by the CTBUH

Ascent Apartment beat the previous tallest timber tower, Mjøstårnet in Norway which is 85.4m Tall

Ascent Skyscraper is the luxury house apartment and retail which consist 25 Storey.

The Ascent Skyscraper Consist a Timber Residential floor which is Constructed over a five storey concrete parking garage using a system of glulam beams.

In this building timber floors are supported by column with two concrete cores which provides lateral stability to building.

According to Korb " The Mass timber structures saves approximately 25% Construction time".

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