URB Reveals The Park - Africa's Largest Sustainable City

The Park

African development authority now going to develop Africa's largest sustainable city that can host 150,000 Resident. 

It's 100% of energy generated through on city biodomes, solar powered air to water generators and biogas plant.

The area of this site is may be 1700 hectare will feature residential, medical, ecotourism and educational hub.

Project consist a multifunctional central axis which is a 5KM long connected with 12 mixed used biophilic area to connect resident to all hubs with in the city.

Different type of Urban Farming adopted such as biodomes, aquaponics, and vertical farms

High-tech scalable FEW+W smart urban agricultural infrastructure will  adopt which use saline water

3D printing technology will make part of the construction processes, minimizing waste and increasing efficiencies.  

Dubai-based developer firm URB is leading ambitious projects that bridge into the future of sustainable cities. 

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